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About Internet Math

Holding a Ph.D from Purdue University, Dr Anthony Veeneman has maintained passion for both math and teaching throughout his life.

A direct recap by Dr Anthony Veeneman:

I have been a student or a teacher my entire life and hold a Ph.D. from Purdue University. I have taught primary, intermediate, junior high, high school, and university graduate school, and was a graduate school clinic director teaching graduate students how to diagnose and remediate educational problems. As a young teacher I created audiotapes and handouts, which duplicated one-on-one tutoring so students could be actively engaged in the learning process. With the advent of personal computers in education, I studied computer programming so I could continue to automate learning and make it more effective.

As a teacher I discovered that the hardest topics to teach were math concepts and math word problems. When I looked at the field, I found no computer software that adequately addressed those issues. I decided this is where I would place my focus.

My students and I have tested every problem over many years. I know your students will be as successful as mine.
Tony Veeneman

Dr. Anthony Veeneman
creator of Internet Math

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