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Suggestions and Tips for Teachers

  • Start from the beginning even for more advance students so they get the “hang” of the program.  They will move quickly, but this reinforces their sense of accomplishment.

  • Tie advancing levels to a reward system.  If you are a teacher, make it part of their grade.

  • Never, ever help students solve the problems without using the hints.  This destroys the feedback system, which attempts to measure the student’s understanding.  If you help a student, you must always go to at least hint 2 so the problem will be repeated.

  • It is far better to work for an extended time up to 1 hour than to work for short periods.  It takes a while for students to get into the mode of being an active problem solver.

  • To obtain the maximum benefit, the student should work at least three times per week for 50 minutes or more.

  • Consider competition with other students.  Most students are positively motivated to move ahead of others.

  • Students frequently say the answer is wrong or the computer is broken.  Encourage them to read the problem and hints slowly.

  • If students get frustrated or discouraged, it is a sign they think they understand it, but they don’t.  Students have their greatest breakthroughs after returning again to try the problem.

  • It is often better to not use a calculator when solving word problems.  If, on the other hand, the student hasn’t mastered calculation skills and this proves too frustrating, let them use a calculator.

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