Common Core Math K-6

Common Core – Diagnostic – Interactive – No Reading Needed


Common Core

CCSS compliant K-6

Conceptualize Instead of Memorize

The system generates almost unlimited tasks and solutions to insure mastery of deep concepts

Progress Across All Platforms

Android, iOS tablet or Web version - students can practice when and where they like

Pretest and Posttests Chart Progress

Progress is continually monitored by tasks completed and skills mastered

Voice Reading Assistance

All word problems and tasks have voice narration to simplify understanding

Unique Individualize Program

After creating a unique pathway to success, the system monitors and adjusts to student responses

Class Progress Tracking

Class strength, weakness, and progress are easily identified in charts

Step-by-Step Picture Solution

Each task has multiply step-by-step visual solutions insuring concept understanding

Physical Interaction Helps Focus

Dragging, drawing, building and creating helps focus attention and concentration

Uses artificial intelligence to assess learning states and create an individualized pathway to success. Lessons and problems focus students' attention through Common Core activities and individualized voice based lessons that insure deep understanding of math concepts.


For Parents

Creates an individual program disigned specifically to fit your child's learning style

For Teachers

Creates classes, assigns lessons to classes, teaches concepts, and provides graphic feedback

For Administrators

Create school managers and teachers and graphic feedback to monitor yearly progress


1 Student

Access to all tasks

(5 students)

Unlimited classes
Track class progress

Additional Students in Multiples of 5

(20 students)

Unlimited teachers

Additional Students in Multiples of 10

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My students used to hate word problems, but now they comete to see who has the highest level. They've made 2.5 years grows from August to December.


Five Grade Teacher

I love it when my students exclaim, 'I understood!'. They love seeing different ways to approach a math problem, and I love seeing my test scores improve with Common Core Math K-6


Six Grade Teacher

With solid classroom instruction and access to Common Core Math K-6 support, students did a huge progress in math understanding. That is when and how I realised the power of quality digital learning tools


Four Grade Teacher

Quote from founder

I have been a student or a teacher my entire life and hold a Ph.D. from Purdue University. I have taught primary, intermediate junior high, high school, and university graduate school, and was a graduate school clinic director teaching graduate students how to diagnose and remediate educational problems.

As a teacher I discovered that the hardest topics to tech were math concepts and math word problems. When I looked at the field, I found no computer software or service that adequately addressed those issues.I decided this is where I would place my focus.

My students and I have tested every problem over many years.I know your students will be as successful as mine.

Dr. Anthony Veeneman

creator of Common Core Math K-6

Looking for a way to manage individual progress for your entire class?