Encourage students along every step of the learning journey.


Are you looking for a colorful and interactive software that could be used to encourage your child's love of math. With InternetMath they'll be able to revisit concepts they already learned, as well as understand new items with increasing difficulty.

Step-by-Step Picture Solution

Lessons and solutions are presented step-by-step through pictures to ensure comprehension.

Voice Reading Assistance

Attention is focused through voice and visual guidance through each step to overcome hyperactivity and distractibility.

Physical Interaction Helps Focus

Stidents, parents and teachers can start immediately without special training.

Choose the engaging online math learning platform to prepare your kids for the future.


InternetMath's standards-aligned learning experience helps students succeed in school, on statewide assessments, and so on. Flexible curriculum can be used with almost any teaching strategy. Unique and individualized program helps to master understanding, not just learning answers.

Conceptualize Instead of Memorize

Deep math concepts are mastered by manipulating and creating visual models.

Unique Individualized Program

Artificial intelligence uses pre-test results to create each child's unique pathway to mastery.

Pretest and Posttests Chart Progress

Instruction constantly adjusts to feedback to insure concept mastery.

Understand your student's unique needs and use InternetMath.net insight to make the best instructional decisions.


Adaptive intelligent platform understands student's abilities and provides the right balance of challenges and support, helping kids master their knowledge and build confidence. InternetMath analytics define "blind" spots in real time, so teacher can adjust the program and know where to focus their efforts.

Common Core

All math skills from K-6 are measured and taught.

Class Progress Tracking

Individual and class data is presented in charts for easy class monitoring.

Progress Across All Platforms

Android, iOS tablet or Computer access - students can practice when and where they like.

Experience the adaptive, web based K-6 math learning service created to raise student achievement, and support informed decision making.